Welcome your wisdom nature

"Find that place wich is effortlessly at rest within itself. Be there, be one with that" - Mooji 

Living from awareness and presence creates inspired movement that opens your inner wisdom, vision, and power in life, work and relationship.

When we access Inner Wisdom Nature we develop higher levels of awareness, truth and love; natural gifts arise, a deeper presence of stillness, centeredness, peace and inner knowing is revealed.

This opens us to expanded levels of internal strength, clarity and direction. 

We begin to see what we have not seen before and awaken to a higher truth. Our innate creativity is expressed, our vision is uncovered and natural flow and productivity arises.

Deeper levels of joy, truth, and love unveil themselves to be naturally expressed and experienced. Our lives, relationships and work are more fulfilling and joyful.


This is effortless living. A life that flows natural without resistance. This is our NATURAL state of being. Always available for everyone.


Often in our modern lifestyle, where everything moves so fast, and there is too little time and too much stress, this natural state of being can be hidden under the weight on our shoulders and our beautiful hearts are covered by it. When mind is speaking it is difficult to follow our inner compass and take the right direction and action to fulfill our hearts desires.

Are you on the path of awakening? Are you looking for a life in connection with your inner wisdom? Do you feel that (daily) stress is a factor that holds you back from who you are born to be? Do you feel the need of control? Can fear hold you back from stepping forward? Do you have difficulty with accepting (situations, circumstances, yourself), and letting go? 

Have you accesses inner calm before (during a yoga retreat for example) but haven’t managed to integrate it in your daily life at home?





In this 8 week online course ‘FROM SURVIVING TO EFFORTLESS LIVING’, you will discover step by step ancient keys that re-connect you to your natural life flow and your powerful and relaxed self. These keys are a must know if you want to live life to the FULLEST. It’s for them who are ready to let go hard working, and welcome heart working.

By following this program you will increase your life-quality and life-fulfillment and expand life force energy rapidly.  

You will let go stress, control and chaotic. You will make space and room for your natural wisdom and let in a fulfilled life that will unfold natural and spontaneous to you. You will understand the effortless working of nature and integrate it into your DAILY LIFE. With that, you can be effortless too, because YOU ARE NATURE! 

To integrate an EFFORTLESS WAY OF LIFE there will be given online content every:

  • Monday there will be a new and daily exercise in HEARTCOHERENCE, a breath-technique with directly results to release daily stress, improve self-healing, welcoming flow, and feel balance, acceptance and freedom in all circumstances.

  • Wednesday you will discover step by step ANCIENT PRINCIPLES OF NATURE combined with powerful and easy exercises (inside nature and/or online with a pen and paper) that help you raise your awareness and reconnect with your true Self, your inner wisdom and the natural flow of life.

  • Friday is the day of (guided) MEDITATION: feel inner peace, silence, a deep rest, clarity and wholeness. For both beginner and advanced. 

My personal presence, a weekly Q&A and videos will support you from heart to heart to get out the maximum!

I am Suzanne from the Netherlands and I am very excited to launch this online program in English! I need people who are willing to help me in giving feedback on my English (in questionnaire and edit form) and on the content in the way it is delivered. The duration of this program will be 10 weeks (including time for the feedback) and will be given on a private Facebookpage. It will be in group form, maximum 10 participants at once. I am prepared to offer a discount of 20% in return for your help. The investment in yourself and the world will be 279,20 euro or 315,20 US dollar. The program start date will be determined when I have a minimum of 5 participants. 

Contact me to confirm how this program can resolve your problem: info@be-effortless.nl or whatsapp: +31620980172

"To change the world is not your business. To change yourself is not your duty. To awaken to your true Self is your opportunity" -Mooji


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